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BaseHandler< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BaseHandler< T >, including all inherited members.

addExistingObject(T *O)BaseHandler< T >virtual
addGhostObject(T *O)BaseHandler< T >virtual
addObject(T *object)BaseHandler< T >virtual
BaseHandler()BaseHandler< T >
BaseHandler(const BaseHandler< T > &BH)BaseHandler< T >
begin() const BaseHandler< T >
begin()BaseHandler< T >
clear()BaseHandler< T >virtual
copyAndAddGhostObject(const U &object)BaseHandler< T >
copyAndAddGhostObject(const U object)BaseHandler< T >
copyAndAddObject(const U &object)BaseHandler< T >
copyAndAddObject(const U object)BaseHandler< T >
copyContentsFromOtherHandler(const BaseHandler< T > &BH)BaseHandler< T >
DPMBase_BaseHandler< T >private
end() const BaseHandler< T >
end()BaseHandler< T >
getDPMBase()BaseHandler< T >
getDPMBase() const BaseHandler< T >
getLastObject()BaseHandler< T >
getLastObject() const BaseHandler< T >
getName() const =0BaseHandler< T >pure virtual
getNextGroupId()BaseHandler< T >inline
getNextId()BaseHandler< T >inline
getNumberOfObjects() const BaseHandler< T >virtual
getObject(const unsigned int id)BaseHandler< T >
getObject(const unsigned int id) const BaseHandler< T >
getObjectById(const unsigned int id)BaseHandler< T >
getObjectsById(const unsigned int id)BaseHandler< T >
getSize() const BaseHandler< T >
getStorageCapacity() const BaseHandler< T >
increaseId()BaseHandler< T >inline
maxObjects_BaseHandler< T >private
nextGroupId_BaseHandler< T >private
nextId_BaseHandler< T >private
objects_BaseHandler< T >protected
read(std::istream &is)BaseHandler< T >
readAndAddObject(std::istream &is)=0BaseHandler< T >pure virtual
removeIf(const std::function< bool(T *)> cond)BaseHandler< T >
removeLastObject()BaseHandler< T >
removeObject(unsigned const int index)BaseHandler< T >virtual
resize(const unsigned int N, const T &obj)BaseHandler< T >
setDPMBase(DPMBase *DPMBase)BaseHandler< T >
setId(T *object, unsigned int id)BaseHandler< T >inline
setNextId(unsigned int id)BaseHandler< T >inline
setStorageCapacity(const unsigned int N)BaseHandler< T >
writeVTK() const BaseHandler< T >inlinevirtual
~BaseHandler()BaseHandler< T >virtual