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CGCoordinates::BaseCoordinates Class Reference

Contains common member functions of the X, Y, and Z classes. More...

#include <BaseCoordinates.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CGCoordinates::BaseCoordinates:

Public Member Functions

virtual Mdouble getWeight ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Mdouble getDomainVolume (const Vec3D &min, const Vec3D &max)

Detailed Description

Contains common member functions of the X, Y, and Z classes.

As X, Y, and Z share a lot of functionality, the shared functions are stored in this common base class.

Definition at line 38 of file BaseCoordinates.h.

Member Function Documentation

Mdouble BaseCoordinates::getDomainVolume ( const Vec3D min,
const Vec3D max 

Definition at line 30 of file

References Vec3D::X, Vec3D::Y, and Vec3D::Z.

31 {
32  return (max.X - min.X) * (max.Y - min.Y) * (max.Z - min.Z);
33 }
Mdouble X
the vector components
Definition: Vector.h:65
Mdouble Y
Definition: Vector.h:65
Mdouble Z
Definition: Vector.h:65
Mdouble BaseCoordinates::getWeight ( )

returns the weight function needed in getMean (required as functions cannot be )


Reimplemented in CGCoordinates::R.

Definition at line 35 of file

36 {
37  return 1.0;
38 }

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