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MPILiquidFilmParticle Class Reference

#include <MpiDataClass.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for MPILiquidFilmParticle:

Public Member Functions

void copyDataFromMPIParticleToParticle (BaseParticle *p)
void copyDataFromParticleToMPIParticle (BaseParticle *p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MPISphericalParticle
void copyDataFromMPIParticleToParticle (BaseParticle *p)
 Copies data from a BaseParticle to an MPIParticle class and returns this. More...
void copyDataFromParticleToMPIParticle (BaseParticle *p)

Static Public Member Functions

static BaseParticlenewParticle ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MPISphericalParticle
static BaseParticlenewParticle ()

Public Attributes

Mdouble liquidVolume
- Public Attributes inherited from MPISphericalParticle
unsigned int id
unsigned int indSpecies
unsigned int HGridLevel
Mdouble radius
Vec3D position
Vec3D angularVelocity
Vec3D velocity
Quaternion orientation
unsigned communicationComplexity
bool isMaser
bool isFixed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file MpiDataClass.h.

Member Function Documentation

void MPILiquidFilmParticle::copyDataFromMPIParticleToParticle ( BaseParticle p)

Definition at line 92 of file

References MPISphericalParticle::copyDataFromMPIParticleToParticle(), and liquidVolume.

93 {
95  static_cast<LiquidFilmParticle*>(p)->setLiquidVolume(liquidVolume);
96 }
void copyDataFromMPIParticleToParticle(BaseParticle *p)
Copies data from a BaseParticle to an MPIParticle class and returns this.
void MPILiquidFilmParticle::copyDataFromParticleToMPIParticle ( BaseParticle p)

Definition at line 152 of file

References MPISphericalParticle::copyDataFromParticleToMPIParticle(), and liquidVolume.

152  {
154  liquidVolume = static_cast<LiquidFilmParticle*>(p)->getLiquidVolume();
155 }
void copyDataFromParticleToMPIParticle(BaseParticle *p)
BaseParticle * MPILiquidFilmParticle::newParticle ( )

Definition at line 165 of file

165  {
166  return new LiquidFilmParticle;
167 }

Member Data Documentation

Mdouble MPILiquidFilmParticle::liquidVolume

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