flowRule.cpp File Reference
#include "SilbertPeriodic.h"


class  FlowRule


int main (int argc, char *argv[])

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◆ main()

int main ( int argc  ,
char argv[] 
102 {
103  FlowRule problem;
105  //~ problem.setRoughBottomType(MONOLAYER_DISORDERED);
106  //~ problem.setTimeMax(1e-1);
107  //problem.readArguments(argc, argv);
108  vector<int> study_num;
109  if (argc>3) {
110  study_num.resize(3);
111  study_num[0]=atoi(argv[1]);
112  study_num[1]=atoi(argv[2]);
113  study_num[2]=atoi(argv[3]);
114  }
115  problem.run(study_num,argc-3,argv+3);
116 }
each time-step will be written into/read from separate files numbered consecutively,...
File restartFile
An instance of class File to handle in- and output into a .restart file.
Definition: DPMBase.h:1493
void setFileType(FileType fileType)
Sets the type of file needed to write into or read from. File::fileType_.
Definition: File.cc:215
Definition: PeriodicInflow2D_Initiation.cpp:30
void run(std::vector< Mdouble > study_num, int argc, char *argv[])
Definition: PeriodicInflow2D_Initiation.cpp:48

References MULTIPLE_FILES_PADDED, DPMBase::restartFile, FlowRule::run(), and File::setFileType().