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BaseNormalForce Class Reference

#include <BaseNormalForce.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BaseNormalForce ()
 BaseNormalForce (const BaseNormalForce &p)
bool getConstantRestitution () const
void setConstantRestitution (bool constantRestitution)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseForce
BaseSpeciesgetBaseSpecies () const
void setBaseSpecies (BaseSpecies *baseSpecies)

Private Attributes

bool constantRestitution_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BaseNormalForce() [1/2]

BaseNormalForce::BaseNormalForce ( )
34  {
35  constantRestitution_ = false;
36  }

References constantRestitution_.

◆ BaseNormalForce() [2/2]

BaseNormalForce::BaseNormalForce ( const BaseNormalForce p)
38  {
40  }

References constantRestitution_.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConstantRestitution()

bool BaseNormalForce::getConstantRestitution ( ) const

◆ setConstantRestitution()

void BaseNormalForce::setConstantRestitution ( bool  constantRestitution)

Sets constantRestitution_.

29  {
30  constantRestitution_ = constantRestitution;
31  if (constantRestitution) {
32  logger(INFO,"You are using a constant restitution contact model; make sure you understand the implications this has on the stiffness and dissipation used by the contact model!");
33  }
34  //if use setCollisionTime or setRestitutionCoefficient to set the parameters of your contact model, then these functions should be called AFTER calling setConstantRestitution.
35  //For more info, see
36 }

References constantRestitution_, INFO, and logger.

Referenced by BaseSpecies::read().

Member Data Documentation

◆ constantRestitution_

bool BaseNormalForce::constantRestitution_

If constantRestitution_ is true, the elastic and dissipative force is multiplied by the harmonic mean mass, making restitution and collision time independent of the particle mass. This is set to false by default.

Referenced by BaseNormalForce(), getConstantRestitution(), and setConstantRestitution().

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bool constantRestitution_
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